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Delcon Capacitor are the first to introduce Zinc/Alloy-Metalised Poly-propylene Capacitors in Northen India. Zinc/Alloy-Metalised Poly-Propylene Capacitors are produced on Automatic Winding Machines at our ultra modern & Sophisticated Factory.

The parameters are controlled right from raw material stage giving us an advantage to produce capacitors with standing stringent specifications. All measurement are traceable back to nation standards. The Quality of delcon capacitors is designed and built-in from conception and through all stages of production and tests.

DELCON CAPACITORS is a national Information, CAPACITORS  Technology services provider, Formed in February 1990 based in New Delhi -India, By a dedicated team of professionals having experience in manufacture Infrastructure, Implementation, Operation and Maintenance

- Reduction in KVA demand resulting in saving on   electricity bills.
- Reduction in losses and thereby better utilization   of installed transformers, Switchgears & cables.
- Improved efficiency of electrical equipment.
- These capacitors are smaller in size to suit...
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